Bringing visibility to global food systems.

We’re working to (en)able supply chain visibility in food systems so businesses and consumers can make better, more responsible decisions.



prefix meaning ‘to cause something to be’

The sheer volume of global trade is causing the journey and authenticity of our food to become largely opaque. At (en)visible we exist to add visibility to global food systems allowing brands and consumers to make more informed decisions and change their behaviors for good.

Seafood traceability

Product Stories & Traceability

Food traceability is becoming a regulatory requirement and is an essential step toward data driven supply chains. We work with blockchain and other technologies to enable supply chain actors to communicate the story and attributes of their food products.

Responsible Seafood Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Restaurants, retailers and food product brands struggle to find and verify responsibly produced seafood. We work directly with producers using various technologies to ensure integrity and communicate product stories to consumers.

Sustainable Food Programs

Sustainability Programs

Sustainability programs typically require alignment and coordination among a variety of stakeholders in order to succeed. Our team has in-depth experience planning and executing sustainability programs in multiple countries throughout the world.

Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

Today’s consumers want to know the story behind their food. We use a combination of technology and program planning to enable retailers and producers to engage consumers and communicate the story and unique attributes of their products.


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