Let’s (en)vision a better future.

We’re a team of passionate people driven by an awareness that global food systems are at the core of some of the world's most pressing challenges.

We believe that many of the social, financial and environmental challenges the world is facing today can be traced back to the complex, and sometimes corrupt, systems that have evolved to bring us our food. At (en)visible we offer a combination of technology focused solutions designed to make food systems more visible so that responsible businesses and consumers can make right decisions that will drive up quality and change supply chains for good.

Our team is a unique assembly of experts that have come together to solve important problems using diverse skills combined with decades of experience. We exist as a for-profit entity, but our goal will never be profit alone. We have worked with governments, non-profits and some of the world’s most respected brands to design and deploy solutions that add visibility to critical issues in order to drive change and unlock value.